I look awful in these photos

Normally, if there are photos of me on the blog, I like to look impeccable in them. Or I at least like to have makeup on.

I’m breaking away from this guideline to share with you the photos from swimming with the dolphins and the sea lion.
vicky (59)Misael (19)

It kind of doesn’t matter what I look like, right?

Oh wait, I’m not in any of those photos.  I promise, there are some photos of me with the dolphins, without any makeup on.  I know, thrilling.

Anyway, if you get a chance to swim with the dolphins and/or a sea lion…. DO IT!  Especially if you can get it at a reduced rate (crew member benefits, what!).  Here are some reasons you should do it:

1) Dolphins are smart.
2) Dolphins are graceful.
3) Dolphins are calm, and calming.
4) Dolphins are friendly.
5) Hello, it’s a dolphin and you’re swimming with it, so how is it not already clear that this is awesome?

Also, sea lions are like water dogs.  That smile on cue.

Here is some proof.
Misael (115)
Misael (14)
Misael (295)
Misael (204)
Misael (196)
Misael (173)
vicky (35)vicky (23)vicky (21)vicky (18)

Pretty sweet, eh?

Have you ever swam with the dolphins?  Or kissed a sea lion.  ew gross, me either.


Also, on an unrelated note, I know I said I had discovered Pinterest, but I only just yesterday started my boards.  Sorry if I misled you and you went searching for me earlier this week and then thought “argh that kj, she is such a liar McLiarson!”  First, sorry about that.  Second, please don’t call me names.  Third, here are my boards.


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