What’s Going On????

If you don’t stalk me (and why would you… although if you’d like to you can on twitter) then you might not know that we’ve been on vacation for awhile (well about ten days).  So, you’d think I would have blogged by now, but of course I have not, because this is “sometimes she blogs” not “she blogs when it’s logical.”  That wordpress was already taken, I guess.

So (I said heeeeeeey, heeeey. I said hey!) what’s going on?  (anyone get that reference?  nobody?  sigh) Well, it took us a couple days to actually get to Texas due to delayed flights, but when we did we had a beautiful reunion with Bravo, who promptly ignored us until we stuffed him with treats.  And now he tolerates us again.  After a few days we packed up our car and drove to GA for my brother’s graduation.

Graduations are important events, and they symbolize something that is quite exciting.  Graduations themselves are awfully boring.  Sorry Matthew.  But I am so very proud of him, so I was willing happy to sit in the sun for 3 hours to witness that event. 

Being in GA has been great to spend time with friends and family (including this one…), but to be honest I’ve also spent a lot of time trying to relearn my internet skills.  Please, dear reader, do not take high speed internet for granted, this is quite a lovely gift.  So I’ve been tweeting and facebooking (hootsuite is my new BFF) and apparently soon I’m going to begin pinning (please for those of you who are pinterest users… how do you live a normal life and avoid PINNING ALL THE THINGS?  This is what I’m afraid will happen to me).  And the plan is to blog a bit more this summer too… I have internet goals, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Anyway, hopefully in the next few weeks you’ll learn a bit more about our time in the Panama Canal, where we’re headed next, and the goings on in my head.

So here’s to high speed internet.  May I never forget how beautiful you are.


2 thoughts on “What’s Going On????

  1. I got the Four Non Blondes reference. I’m rather surprised that you made the reference since the song came out before I graduated…nevermind.

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