Random Thoughts on a Monday Morning (aka Manic Monday)

I’m in Aruba today.  There are lots of iguanas in Aruba.  Also crabs.  I won’t be seeing them though, as it’s my day to stay onboard the ship. Tear.  But here are some photos from the last time I was in Aruba.  Last month.

I nearly cried of joy watching the last few episodes of Smash. 3 Things before I tell you why I cried of joy: 1) yes, I realize this show is not realistic in many ways 2) I don’t care if it’s not realistic 3) why do I not care?  because the talent and the production value of the show (the original songs and choreography, specifically) is so fan-flippin-tastic that it doesn’t matter.  I watch to see the fake show… and quite honestly don’t pay much attention to some of those other story lines.

But I digress.  There are so many things about this show that I LOVE, BUT, my most recent favorite moment involves Tom (played by Christian Borle, btw who are you and where have you been all my life? Oh?  You’ve been on Broadway with only an occasional film or TV gig?  Ok, that’s fair. Also keep singing because you’re way better than Debra), Julia (played by Debra Messing, whom I love, but I’m glad she’s not singing so much…) writing partner.  He fills in for a minor character during a rehearsal and he is just. so. awesome.  Vocals/Expression/and choreography are perfection.  He just looks like he’s having fun.  That’s my fantasy.  To write/choreograph a musical, and one day say “yeah, I’ll fill in for them… nbd.” And then do it and be awesome. 

There are 3 general things I LOVE about working on ships (besides the travel and meeting people part which is also awesome).  They are…
1) The 24 hours leading up to getting off the ship.  An imminent vacation from work 7 days a week is an amazing feeling.
2) Formal nights and having an excuse to wear (and BUY) fancy dresses.
3) Noodle bowls.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but at the crew bar (where they sell cokes, beer, wine, but also snacks and toiletries) they sell these ramen noodle bowls- but they’re bowls not cups like typical ramen.  I can’t usually find them in a typical US grocery store, at least not this particular brand (My mom has found the next best thing).  These are the perfect salty and spicy late night snack (sometimes I have to take a heartburn pill before I eat it… worth it).  I’ve been trying to figure out what makes them so great.  Reading the label it says there’s no MSG added… which means that there’s probably some MSG in it already (But don’t, worry, none that’s added as extra), which is probably why it tastes so awesome (everything bad for you does).  But I’m wondering if adding soy sauce, tobasco, and salt to hot water will gain the same results.  I’ll let you know.

How’s that for a manic Monday?


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