Catching Up

I know, I know, I’ve been gone for awhile.  Way too long.  Who likes to read a blog that’s not updated regularly?  Not me.  And yet that’s what I’ve done to you.  Can you forgive me?

If you can’t I’d like to point out that my blog is called sometimes she blogs.  Also this post, where I predicted this would happen.  Sorry but I’ve warned you.

I don’t really have an excuse.  Well, I do, but it mostly has to do with boring stuff like people not washing their hands, getting sick, and spreading their illness to other people on the ship, which put us in a situation where we were spending quite a bit of time doing things other than our standard work duties.  So stuff like blogging took a back seat.  I guess some of us might say, “ship happens.”  Not me though, I would never say that.

Anyway, I could explain all of that, but I won’t.  I could also try to make my first post back really important and tie it in with why I wasn’t posting, but that’s not gonna happen either.  I’m just gonna tell you some stuff you missed (because I didn’t post about it… my bad) and then my next post I’ll just post like normal, as if I never left.  Cool?

I turned 26.  The Guns bought me noodle soup for my birthday, it was awesome.

We said hello to new co-workers and friends, and goodbye to many friends we’ve grown quite close to.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time on Mexican beaches.

I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides. 

I became depressed that I would not be able to see The Hunger Games in theaters.

I’ve sanitized entire areas of the ship multiple times.  Yes, I can clean.

I’ve spent just over 6 or so hours actually standing on American soil.

I’ve learned 2 new classes to teach as a part of the program I work for.

I’m almost caught up on The Voice and Smash.  mmmmmmm…. so much to say because I know I’m behind, so how can I really comment????

and…. I swam with dolphins and a sea lion.  Photos?

Misael (115)

vicky (23)

It’s ok if you’re jealous.

More posts later…


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