I’m a little late

For those of you who interpreted my title as a way to announce some sort headway in procreating: 1) you’re wrong, 2) you have not really been paying attention, 3) I’d never use my blog to announce that sort of thing, 4) ok never mind I totally would.

If you don’t understand why my title could read that way then you must be a boy, and I’m flattered you read my blog at all.

But back to what I do mean when I say “I’m a little late.”

In case you forgot, I’m on a cruise ship.  Sorry, do I not mention that enough?  Well, I am, and we do not get network television or really anything current along the lines of television programming minus the occasional TNT original show, Fox News (oh joy), CNN (I love you Anderson, I like you alright Piers, everyone else… meh), and ESPN (surprisingly welcome).  And you have probably noticed that I do love me some good (and sometimes some bad) tv.  And I like to comment on it.  But since I don’t see it in real time with the rest of you, my commentary is often a bit belated.  The fact that I even saw the Super Bowl halftime show and wrote a post on it and posted it just one day following the event, was a miracle. 

In the year 2012 if you can’t comment on something within 24 hours, nay 24 seconds (and in 140 characters, #thankyoutwitter) then it might seem like you shouldn’t comment on it at all… but I’m bucking that trend and going to tell you all my thoughts on some of the entertainment of the last 2 weeks (that I just saw in the last 2 days thanks to my amazing mom who enables me tv obsession so brilliantly) even though… I’m a little late.

First: Jeremy Lin
Ok, so I wasn’t really late on this.  In fact I think I saw all the reports on him after his first game.  Every. Single. One.  Because yes, we do have ESPN, and I was watching that day.  In fact, The Guns said to me offhand that day, “Hey, have you seen the highlights from this guy Jeremy Lin?” And I was proud (and shocked) to say “yes, I know everything about him.”  Really Sportscenter, you shouldn’t even pretend to produce new stories, just keep replaying the first ones, you get the same effect.  We get it, you need to show it multiple times, save yourself the effort and replay the exact same package as this will yield the same result as what you are already doing with half the work on your part. We don’t need a clip highlight, and in depth story by Hannah Storm (or whoever), a panel from guys who never even played basketball talking about why he’s a phenomenon, AND the press conference.  Because when you do all these different variations, you still end up showing the same clips, and saying the exact same thing.  We get it, he’s awesome.

For the record, I do think he’s awesome, and from everything I’ve seen he seems like a good guy, which, of course makes me like him even more (for me, talent does not exist in a vacuum.  If you’re good at something please don’t be a jerk.).  Who else do I like?  Tim Tebow.  But you know who I’m NOT going to compare Lin to?  Tim Tebow.  Yes, they are both young and good in the last moments of their games.  That’s it.  That’s really the only comparison (minus all this ESPN hype), and the more you (ESPN!!!!!) compare him to Tim Tebow the more I notice that the comparison does not work.  Quit trying to make Lin Tebow happen.  We see what you’re doing (boosting ratings at the mere mention of Tsquared), and it’s lame.  It’s also Linsane.

For the record I am COMPLETELY (complinly? no…) behind using Lin in other words. 

Second: the TCU drug bust
Again, only late on commenting on this one.  And I’m not even going to comment on it, because there are about a million other sources that have accurately (and some inaccurately) and at times satirically reported on it.  I’m disappointed in the students as an alum, but proud of how the university handled it overall.  I’m not too worried about it tarnishing our image in terms of having a stand-up football team that doesn’t have players with a record.  Yes, these players now have a record, but they didn’t before (you’ve got to be caught, folks), and now that they do I’m sure they won’t be playing, or even be at the school. We could say “what a shame,” but hey, nobody tried to cover this up, and that certainly would have been the easy way out.

Third: Pre-Valentine’s SNL hosted by Zooey Deschanel
I know you’re all talking about the SNL from 2 days ago with Maya Rudolph, but I haven’t seen it yet, so cut me some slack.  Remember, I’m a little bit late.  Anyway, you know I love me some Zooey D. (and not just because I kind of look like her, although that is basically why, but anyway…) so I knew I had to see it.  As usual with our Saturday night sketchers there were highs and lows.  High?  Nasim Pedrad’s impersonation of Arianna Huffington during Weekend Update (My new catchphrase: “I was like, are you seriooooouss?”).  Low? The “fast-talking” journalist sketch  (you hung in there, Kristen Wiig, you can’t carry every sketch). High? Bill Hader as Clint Eastwood for Chrysler. Low? The crab sketch (although maybe there was some hidden meaning/reference in there that I missed…).  High? “bein’ quirky” with someone else playing Zooey, Zooey playing Mary Kate Olsen (she deadpans unenthusiastically: “I’m a billionaire.”), and Kristen Wiig as Bjork: “What’s your secret to being quirky Bjork??” “If I like something I make it something else.  If you like swans, make it a dress.  If you like screams, make them music. And if you like clouds, make them your friends!” Low: Karmin.  Really, who are they?  What are they doing?  I don’t get it.  (and watch, in about six months I’ll be jamming to all their songs… cuz that’s how my life goes…) High: Nicholas Cage and Nicholas Cage.

Oh you didn’t see it?  Seriously, watch it.  It was good.

Last: NBC’s premiere of SMASH
Ummm… yessssssss.  Ok, some of my friends who are musical theater purists will talk about inaccuracies and what not, but I don’t care, it’s still good TV.  Like really good.  What have we got?  Debra Messing? yes. Broadway style musical numbers with original songs and choreography that’s actually good (in other words, super high production value)? yes. Katherine McPhee being awesome instead of pandering and pouting for Simon Cowell like she did 8 years ago? yes. An actual Broadway performer showing us the ropes (that’s you, Megan Hilty)? yes.  A really, really pretty guy who plays an adorably supportive boyfriend? yes.  Multiple story lines that are complex and interesting, but not so much that we don’t understand what’s going on? yes.  Did I mention the choreography is fan-flippin-tastic?  YES!  And the fact that musical theater lovers have a little corner of tvland devoted to the art and showcasing little nuances that only theater people know (and no, Glee does not count), well, it makes me weep a little bit of joy and happiness.  Ok, not really, but I really cannot WAIT to see the next episode.  And I must admit, I know as a musical theater lover that I should be rooting for Ms. Hilty to get the part, but I just love me some Katherine…

Alright kids, what did I miss?  Oh, and sorry for being a little late with all this…


One thought on “I’m a little late

  1. I just asked your mom a few days ago had she recorded Smash for you and had you gotten it yet… thought it weird that I hadn’t heard from you on this one 🙂 I LOVE it too!! SO good!!!

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