Back to Work

It has been a little difficult going back to work, I must admit. At this point, I’ve been back at it for 3 weeks.  But ultimately, I have really been enjoying my job, meeting new people, and having to do productive things everyday other than deciding what I’m going to have for lunch (which I don’t have to do any more, thank goodness!  That was a hard task.)

Anyway, you’ll notice that I didn’t mention the travel part in the things that I’m enjoying, and you’re probably thinking “what, you’re already over it?” to which I must answer a partial and sheepish, “well, yeah…”  Sheepish because it makes me sound spoiled (I live on a luxury cruise ship, I’m travelling through Mexico and Central and South America, but internet sucks and I rarely have cell service… life is HARD… just kidding, you can punch me if I ever say that non-sarcastically), and partial because it’s only partially true.

The whole truth is that on this particular contract I’m going to places that I have little interest in, and we’re not in the locales that I am interested in long enough for me to do much.  So I’m not tired of the travelling, I’m just not ecstatic about these particular destinations. But still there is fun to be had.  Earlier this week I was lying by the pool in Puerto Vallarta (I have an uneven sunburn to prove it).

Of course, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise (or perhaps I’m the eternal optimist?  tomato tomahto).  You know what’s hard to achieve when you’re constantly going to new places that you’ve never been to and wanting to see and enjoy as much as you possibly can?  Routine.  You know what routine often provides?  Consistency.  Not that I took my job looking for a routine… but perhaps the next few months that’s what I’ll get. I don’t love routines or schedules that I make for myself (but if you want to make one for me, I will gladly follow it to the T!)… but I certainly do thrive on it. Maybe I’ll settle into my work and find it easy instead of tiring.  Maybe I’ll look for new projects to excel in the workplace rather than rushing out at the end of the day so I can get a desperately needed nap.  Maybe I’ll get enough sleep.  Maybe I’ll actually go to the gym and actually move my body as much as I pretend that I do.  Maybe I won’t miss a week on my blog.  Maybe I won’t end the contract needing to sleep for an entire week.  Maybe I’ll make a writing and reading schedule and stick to it.  Maybe I’ll just enjoy the quality time I have with my husband rather than spending half of it deciding what we should be doing and settling on a nap instead. And maybe next time I go out I’ll embrace the travel more than the routine.

Do you crave routine?  Or spontaneity?


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