More family fodder for the blog

I promise, I’ll stop using them for content… after this post… for now.

My mom’s side of the family is made up of strong, hardworking, country folk.  My grandfather on her side was a large animal vet in a rural farm town where the town vet was possibly more important than the town doctor.  Or maybe that’s just my perception.  But really, he drove all over the county delivering calves and horses, administering vaccines, and diagnosing and caring for sick animals, everything from cows to pigs, dogs, cats, but especially horses.  All of this to say, his kids (my mom and uncle) learned a lot about animals that they have, naturally, carried into adulthood.  My grandmother was the same way: I wouldn’t call her an animal lover (and she would never put a sweater on a dog), but she knows a lot from helping Doc (my grandpa) run the business. 

Anyway, inevitably animal talk comes up when the family gets together, and we were discussing the poodles that my grandparents used to own.  And somehow my uncle went off on how standard poodles are meant to help herd cattle and will eat cow testicles (by the way, I have no idea if this is true, but it doesn’t matter much to me).

So my grandmother looks shocked, and I assume it’s due to the fact that someone has just said “testicle” at the dinner table while we’re eating and in mixed company which is pretty much my reaction. 

But I was wrong, that wasn’t the reason.

“Now Randy…” again, I figure, now he’s about to get reprimanded, “Don’t say that….” yep, I thought, she does not want to hear about cow balls as it’s not dignified talk.

But then she whispers, “You know cows don’t have testicles!”

It was a reprimand all right.  Because her son ought to know that bulls are the one with the balls.

Any favorite family discussions from the holidays?  Also, I’m sorry mom!


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