I always feel pretentious when I say “memoir”

You may have noticed that the tone of the blog has changed slightly.  Or maybe you haven’t noticed.  Or maybe it hasn’t changed.  This is really more of a hope than something I can say for sure.

I’ve been trying to write 3 different types of blog posts:

1) Short(er), snappy items that I find humorous or that are image-based that don’t need lots of writing and/or explanation (ie, most “Talking with the Guns” but also posts that show photos of my travels and also posts that offer shorter commentary on a recent thought or event)

2) Longer items written more like an article.  Any list-based post would fall into this category, but also items I write that have some sort of advice thread to them

3) The newest addition to the blog is what I consider my training for writing a memoir: posts written more like stories about my life, my travels, or my thoughts.  I generally go for one of two tones: thoughtful/meaninful or witty, or both.

I feel pretentious saying all this for two reasons.  First, memoir is hard to say and I always feel fake French when I say it.  Second, I’m 25 and have no real reason to be writing a memoir except that I like reading them and I think it might be the only kind of book that I could write.

Why do I like memoirs and essay style writing?  Mainly because I typically don’t find fiction to be all that entertaining.  I don’t mind it, especially fiction that is based in realism, but so much of fiction now is fantasy and the paranormal where anything goes.  I think it’s a lot more entertaining to read (read being the key here… it can be made up if I’m watching it unfold on television or in a film) a story about something that actually happened than something that someone made up and could never happen.  How much easier it must be to just make something up that has meaning than to find the meaning in something that actually happened to you and may seem quite random.  Plus, I don’t really care about things that could happen, I care about what did happen.  I probably also like memoirs because they’re basically a really long blog, and blogs are my all time favorite type of writing to read.

This is not me saying that I want to turn this blog into a book deal (but I’m not NOT saying that either…) I’m just saying that it’s a style of writing I’d like to practice, and so if you notice a change in blog content, it’s intentional.

Do you read memoirs?  Do you have a favorite?


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