Stuff I got for Christmas

Not a complete list…just some stuff I got for Christmas.

Creative title, huh?

Makeup Kit from Victoria’s Secret
This was from The Guns. I love it. You know why? Because when I’m spending 4 months cruising through the Panama Canal, I MUST have 80 different options for eyeshadow colors.

Assorted gift cards to awesome places
From my uncle, aunt, and grandma. Some people say gift cards are not personal. WHO CARES? Do you know what I get to do with a gift card? Shop! Gift cards equal gifting not only things but an experience. I love to shop, and with gift cards I spend money that’s already been spent, and there’s nothing I love more than spending money for a second time. Wait. What? Anyway, it’s awesome. Give gift cards.

Foundation and other Mary Kay makeup items
I have been running out of foundation since Alaska (which roughly translates to early October) and I squeezed the absolute last drop out today. A replacement was needed. I love getting Mary Kay from grandma. She sells it, and I’m wondering when she gets her pink Cadillac. When she does, I’d really like to take a ride.

Bossypants by Tina Fey
Thanks to my mom for this one.  I’m also very excited that she got it for 30% off, as evidenced by the sticker that she left on it. Also, Tina, if you’re reading this. All the reviews are right: Awesome book, terrible title and cover.  But I guess you’re going with the old saying, “never judge a writer by their terrible judgment in design.”  Wait, did I get that right? Perhaps in essence…

Faux fur vest from Ann Taylor
This is awesome and I plan to wear it into my 70’s. I’m also happy my parents got this one for 70% off, which I know because my mom showed me the coupon that she might use before we all went shopping a few days ago.  I’m so incredibly smart that I was able to put two and two together when I got it this morning (or when I saw her throw the Ann Taylor bag in the van that afternoon after shopping).  I bet from that story you would infer that I was my school’s valedictorian and that I got a perfect score on my SATs.  You would be half right.  Unfortunately for me, the SAT contains no questions regarding coupons and shopping.

PS- It’s not true that if someone buys you a present with a coupon or on sale that they love you less.  Nay, they probably love you more.  They are probably trying to spend less on individual gifts so that they can buy you more gifts, because let’s be honest, who wants to buy their friend or family member just one tube of lipstick/tie/bottle of nail polish/football jersey when they could buy you ten tubes of lipstick/ties/bottles of nail polis/football jerseys for the same price? Unless they just don’t want to spend money on you.  That is the other option, and it’s totally possible.  But mostly, be ok with sales and coupons.  That way, everyone wins.

PPS- Also, The Guns likes to call this vest “fox fur,” joking about the pronunciation of the word “faux” versus it’s spelling, which is not phonetic.  He’s so funny.  And also ironic. 

The Big Bang Theory, seasons 1, 2, and 3
I have nothing remotely silly or snarky, or even self-deprecating, to say about this gift. Thanks goes to my brother.

I also got some gloves, a TCU shirt, some jewelry, and the yearly family calendar that I used to be the star of, but it seems my 15 minutes of family fame are up.  I guess that’s why I write this blog. 

What did you get for Christmas?


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