The Best (ish) of 2011 (ish)

It’s a little early to be doing one of these year-end round ups but I’m doing it now because lets be honest, I might not blog again until after the new year (I know, I know, I’ll miss you too…) and this way I get to fulfill my dream of being on one of those round-up clip shows (like I Love the 90s! holla!) where I would be incredibly witty, charming, and generally hilarious.  But since VH1 seems to have lost my phone number, I have to just do this on my own self-promotional blog.

But I’m sure you’re ok with that.

So, without further ado, I bring you The Best (ish) of 2011 (ish). 

Alternate Title:  Stuff from this year (mostly) that I want to comment on.  Most of it was on TV.

Most Awesomely Ridiculous
Sofia Vergara

I will always love you.  You and your ridiculous accent.

Most Overrated
Is it just me or does it seem like no one is actually using this “facebook killer?”

Most Overused
“I Love you”  “Thank You”
This is not just from this year, but the most recent offense is from just days ago.  A very common sitcom plotline goes like this:

Boy meets girl.  Boy likes girl.  Girl likes boy.  Boy and girl begin to date.  Boy says “I love you” to girl.  Girl does not say it back. Awkward moment. Cue laugh track.

And in pursuing this plot line different shows have tackled it in different ways, and Friends apparently started a trend…

Ross: I love you.
Emily: Oh. Thank you. Hands him some Toblerone.
Awkward and Awesome…

Years later on The Big Bang Theory…

Leonard: I love you.
Penny: Oh. Thank you. Only difference, there is no Toblerone..

And then just 2 days ago on The New Girl…

Paul: I love you.
Jess: Oh.  Thank you.  Still, no Toblerone.

I love all these shows, and it’s not that this isn’t a funny situation.  It is in all its awkward glory.  It’s just been overdone over the past 10 years.  Either find another way, or at least bring back the Toblerone.  But really, I think a manifestation like this is much better…

April: I love you.
Andy: Dude.  Shut up.  That’s Awesome Sauce!  High Five!

Most ?????
ANTM and Modelland

I just. can’t.

Most Ridiculous Thing that I won’t Comment on
The 1%
I think the 1% funds my current job so… yeah.

Most Awesome Comeback
Scripted TV
For the first time in quite a few years I think I watch just as many if not more scripted shows than reality programming.  And I see articles on shows that I’m not watching, but would love to if I had the time.  AND I watch all the comedies that were nominated for Emmy’s this year.  Congrats Scripted shows, you’re having a moment, at least in my life…

Most Ridiculous Non-Retirement

I’m so sad that I can’t watch Oprah every day any more.  Except that I can. On an entire television network.  And I can keep watching her interview.  on her new show. 

Most Likely to be My New BFF
Emma Stone

I’ve got some matching friendship bracelets picked out… just sayin’.

Most Useful Internet Thing
Sock Bun and Sock Bun Curls

Last year this girl gave us this video and also this one.  But we all started using it this year, so it’s here on this list for that reason.  This is one of the only things that makes me wish I’d never cut my hair…

Most Awesome “I’ve Paid my Dues” Story
Sookie… I mean, Melissa McCarthy

Love her.  And she’ll always be Sookie to me…

Most Likely to be the New Chuck Norris.
Tim Tebow



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