I give thanks for my problems…

I love Thanksgiving, and I love the idea of spending time looking back on the year and finding things to be grateful for.

I just feel a little cheesy doing it on my blog.  Because I don’t know whether to go the funny route or the sincere route, or if people reading even really care about the millions of things that I’m thankful for (my health, my marriage and my husband, my family, having a job I truly enjoy, and my grouchy dog among other things).  But I would find it odd to continue blogging this week and not acknowledge it.

So I’m going to give thanks for my problems.  And so should you.

I’m serious.

Sometime over the summer I stumbled upon a viral phrase (not sure if it was a blog or a Twitter hashtag): #firstworldproblems.

The idea is that most things that upset us (and by us, I’m making an assumption about most of my readers… that we live in the US or an otherwise modern/non-third world country, that we have shelter and clothes and food and family and friends and… oh yeah a laptop or smartphone or other device that allows you to read this blog… if you don’t fall under that category (and I’m not sure how you’re reading this if you don’t) then I’m not speaking to you) are really not big problems.  They’re not even really problems.  Yes, we may have problems that are serious, but think about all the times that we get. so. frustrated over waiting 10 seconds instead of 1 second for a webpage to load.

That is a first world problem.

And this has really hit home for me lately.  It’s really easy when you work where you live and play (and when you work with a lot of the same people that you socialize with) to complain a lot.  To complain about the tiny rooms, and the bunk beds, and the less than perfect dessert selection.

But on any given day that I’m working, I live on a luxury cruise ship, so my complaint about having to wait 5 minutes for an elevator?  That’s a first world problem. 

So I’m thankful for my first world problems.  I don’t like that I spend a lot of time living out of a suitcase, but I’m thankful that I have lots of fun and pretty things to put inside of my bags. Grateful that I have a bed, though it often is a bunk bed.  Grateful that, while I’m often exhausted from my all day every day job, it does give me the chance to see the world, and also weeks at a time for vacation and to spend with friends and family.

So what are your first world problems? Happy Thanksgiving!


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