French Polynesian To Do List

It was about a month ago that we were sailing through the French Polynesian Islands and I did a very poor job of conveying their beauty, culture, and all the fun things we did.

I have to say, I’m not going to do that much of a better job now.  But I will give you a list of things you should see, do or try should you ever be in Bora Bora, Raiatea, Tahiti, Moorea, or Nuku Hiva.DSCN1581
1) Find a pretty beach and enjoy it.IMG_7879
2) Take pictures.  Pretend you’re in Jurassic Park.
3) Eat at a food truck (a roulette)
4) Ride in an open air truck.
5) Buy a black pearl, vanilla, or a pareo from a local shop or market.
6) Watch some Polynesian dancing
7) Eat some fresh local fruit.
8) Eat poisson cru (like ceviche, but with coconut milk in it)
9) Make a canine friend.  Or a chicken friend.
10) Say “bonjour” to the locals.

Have you been to French Polynesia?  What’s on your to do list?


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