“What Day is It?” or How I mastered time travel

I am writing to you from Tuesday.  Well, technically I’m writing this on a Monday, but it will actually post from Tuesday, but you’ll read it on a Monday.

Wait, what?

Hear me out.  I always write my posts in advance, and sometimes I have them post on a schedule, sometimes I just write them in advance and then post them manually. Today (Monday) I’m writing this post, and I plan to post it tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  So that you can read it on Monday.

Still confused?

Ok, here’s another attempt at explaining this to you (since it’s clearly not sinking in).

I crossed the International Date Line.  So I skipped Sunday, October 9th and went straight to Monday, October 10. So I wrote this post on my Monday, October 10th, while the rest of you were lazing about on your Sunday, October 9. I will post the blog so that you’ll read the post on your Monday, October 10th, but while you’re reading it I will have passed you by long ago, and I’ll already be on Tuesay, October 11th.

So what I’m telling you is that this post is very special.  It has come to you from both the past AND the future.  Simultaneously.

And now all I need is a Delorean, a puffy 80s vest, and a flux capacitor.

Ever crossed the International Date Line?  Did it confuse you as much as it did me initially? 


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