Story behind the Scarf

A few posts ago I debuted a new scarf on the blog, and I’ve decided to tell you more about it.

First off, I bought it in Victoria.  In case you haven’t figured out by my incessant blogging about Victoria (and my lack of thoroughness regarding the other ports we visited during Alaska season), I love it there.  It’s pretty and fun, and it’s laidback but kind of city-ish.  The only bad thing is that I can’t leave Victoria without spending a decent chunk of change.  And this scarf is no exception.
I have a rule with scarves; I usually don’t spend more than $18 dollars on one.  I prefer $12.  I really prefer $8 scarves.  This one was $25.

BUT!  I had meandered by this outdoor festival on the wharf for a few weeks in a row, always staring longingly at these gorgeous silk scarves.  And I refrained, for 3 weeks.  On week 4 though, I had to do it.  This little stand had been on my mind all week.  And then I ran into some extra, unexpected money.  And then I found a scarf with sentimental value.
You see, I’m actually surprised I bought this scarf given it’s color scheme.  It’s a little outside of what I typically wear… I like autumn colors, but I generally wear more cool tones than warm tones.  BUT, it’s always good to bridge that gap in your closet with things like scarves.  I would probably never wear an entire outfit with this scarves color scheme (golden yellow, scarlet, navy blue, and moss green?  Really?), but hey, a scarf can be that color scheme and I can use it in a small way (when I normally wouldn’t be able to pull something like that off.  Plus the way the scarf hangs, you can make it seem more blue, more yellow, more auburn, or even almost a neutral white, depending on how you tie it and what side faces out.
And I have really only had minimal success with silk square scarves like these, I am usually drawn to something of a rectangular proportion instead, and in a non-slippery fabric.

So why in the world did I buy this scarf?

Check it out.
It’s a Degas painting, on the scarf.
I get to wear ballerinas with my outfit, without wearing a tacky themed sweatshirt.  I love that when I tie it up, it’s like a little secret. “I’m wearing a ballerina themed outfit, and no one knows but me!” 

The dancer in me could not turn that down.  Absolutely not.
So I shelled out the money, because really, who wouldn’t spend $25 on a Degas painting?  What a deal.
Do you have any clothing items that represent your passions?


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