Scenes from Sitka

Sitka, Alaska… a small little town, with charm and lots of hidden gems. Thought we’d share just a couple of our distinctly Sitka adventures.

First was a walk to the Raptor Center (crew ID = free admission, yeah!), an educational facility and rehab center for many birds of prey.  Primarily owls and bald eagles… We enjoyed seeing these gorgeous and HUGE birds, and the nice walk along a trail to see more Alaskan flora and fauna.DSCN1307DSCN1312DSCN1322DSCN1323DSCN1326DSCN1392
Another, perhaps lesser known gem in Sitka… the reindeer dog stand. Hot dogs made of reindeer. I’ll admit, if you didn’t tell me it was reindeer I would probably just say “wow, that’s a really good hot dog.” But hey, it’s a local stand, the price is right, and it’s something new to try. And yes, it’s real reindeer!

Have you seen a bald eagle up close? Ever had a reindeer dog?


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