I’ll be honest, I’m not that into some of the shore excursions and tours that are available for sightseeing in Alaska.  They are cold, involve marveling for long periods of time at nature (usually ice) (I like nature, in small, warm doses), and I have no appropriate clothing for them.  But one tour I can get behind?  The sled dog camp!

I was able to tag along on a tour of a sled dog camp in Juneau.  This is where they train the dogs on their off season racing, and they also raise up new sled dog champs. You know how much I adore dogs, so this was great fun for me. I got pulled on a cart by a team, met a gorgeous husky who demoed wearing all the different gear, learned about Alaska’s long history of dog sledding, and then held puppies!

Here’s proof.


Interesting fact:  Though movies would like us to believe otherwise… Dog sled mushers never actually say “mush” as a command for their dogs.


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