Another Walk in Victoria

I know you’ve already seen photos from Victoria before, but hey, it’s one of my favorite ports during Alaska season, so I’m giving you more.  WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME PEOPLE??

Oh, to stop being so melodramatic?  Done.

So, every week we end our cruise with a 4 hour stop in Victoria.  The best part?  The cruise is over and I’m never working while we’re there, so I get lots of free time to explore, hang out, and sometimes have a date night with The Guns.  I’ll never grow tired of walking from the port into downtown and sampling some of the great food and drink of the area.  So I share these photos with you… They’re not particularly groundbreaking, but I think they’re fun!

One way to get into town is to walk along the waterfront, and you’ll pass by a wharf where many people have business boats, and also house boats.  I started fantasizing about living on a house boat and then I realized… we already LIVE ON A BOAT. So I think I’ll pass, but these places do look quite amusing.  Check out the life size doll hanging out on this balcony.  Kitschy?  Creepy?  Who cares, since it’s a great conversation starter.DSCN1396
Yes this is an outfit shot, because yes, for once I put thought into this outfit.  And yes, I wore white after labor day… I’m a REBEL!  Really I just like this outfit because it’s one of the only times I’ve gone out with bare legs (which will change in a month… but still it was a nice change from the typical cold, end of season, Alaska weather.)  So here ya go. I should probably give you the story behind the scarf.  Note to self.DSCN1400
Gratuitous couple shot…
Maybe it’s the horned frog in me, but I’m in love with these purple trees!!!
Gorgeous Sunset during our walk.
Yes, this was a real date night, with an outdoor seat at a restaurant!  And a fancy, pretty drink!


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