Now I just need to find a Blockbuster c. 1998…

When you live on a ship you realize some of the things you typically take for granted on land.

Shower curtains that reach all the way to the shower floor. Living in a home or apartment where you don’t hear weird noises at all hours, like waves hitting the walls or anchors dropping. Having at least a full sized bed. Having a full pantry you can raid for a midnight snack in your pajamas (ok well, if you know the right people we have this too… and also room service. but still.). Having weekends. Being able to be anonymous and keep to yourself when you leave your house. Cable television. A DVR.

But you guys.  I’ve got something I bet you don’t have…

A 12-inch TV.  Fairly normal.  But it has a BUILT-IN VCR!


So basically, we’re willing to take VHS tapes off your hands. Yes, I know, we’re very generous.

PS- Mom, if you’re reading this and we still have that VHS of Milo & Otis… you could send that. We wouldn’t hate it.

Do you have a VCR?


One thought on “Now I just need to find a Blockbuster c. 1998…

  1. hmmm, I’ll look for Milo & Otis when I get home! anything else on your VHS wish list? You can’t even sell those at garage sales anymore.

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