Currently loving

Just some stuff that’s made me happy over the past couple of weeks…
A co-worker of Jacob’s was wearing these purple converse sneakers.  I have never wanted purple sneakers before, but I realize now what is missing in my life.  Don’t you think?
Also, I need a blond Pomeranian.  I love Bravo, but this is just such an adorable big puff of fluff that I couldn’t resist being that creepy person who takes photos of other people’s pets on the street.
I loved this outfit. I planned it for days, for a night out in Victoria… I’ve loved pattern mixing when I can do it with neutrals (black, white, navy)… the only downside is I don’t know that it photographs all that well, at least I hope it looks a little better than what this photo portrays. AH, you win some, you lose some.

Piers Morgan.  I really want to hate this guy.  I never liked Larry King, but I was really confused by his replacement.  We get CNN on the ship, and I’m almost always done with work by the time their showing the Piers interview for the 2nd time that evening.  Anyway, I like him.  I like the guests, and I like the conversations, and I like that he convinced me to like him even though I so desperately didn’t want to.

Blogs.  But you knew that already.  Some of my newer favorites (covering completely different topics) are Ally Spott’s blog and B for Bel.  They’ll keep you thinking and enthusiastic about life.

What’s making your week?


4 thoughts on “Currently loving

  1. “What’s making your week?”

    You and your hate for Piers Morgan. I mean, even though apparently being political is like a no-no in your family. I think Matthew blocked me on twitter because of my snarky comments during the Republican debate two nights ago.

  2. Rodney, you misread my post. I don’t hate Piers Morgan. I enjoy his show. Initially I wanted to hate him… seemed really smug, and a bit condescending, and I can’t really speak to why I thought that except for his unfortunate presence on America’s Got Talent. But after watching his show consistently, I like him. I enjoy watching the show every day or at least a few times a week. There’s a nice variety of guests and topics, and I think he has an ideal interview style… not too biased, but not too fluffy either, he challenges people but not in a Fox News sort of way. I think what made me really like him was his interview with Penn Gillette. That’s a good one, you should check it out… great guest whose views I do not agree with but respect, and Piers did what would typically be the unpopular journalist move: he challenged his atheism. But in a way that they still had a dialogue, no one was shut down. Anyway, did I want to hate him? yes, but I like him, and not just for his political interviews, for the show as a whole.

    As for my brother and the rest of my family… I think that’s a pretty unfair statement to make, especially here. What my blog has to do with Matthew’s twitter habits, I have no idea. If you have an issue with him, I’m sure he’d be more than willing to talk to you. Is my family less interested in political debates than say, you? sure. That’s a fair statement. But to say that it’s a “no-no” to “be political” (whatever that means) in my family is reaching at best. Just because my brother (or me, or my parents… whoever you’re talking about, but if it’s just Matthew, then why we’re all pulled into the statement as a family, I’m not sure) doesn’t wish for his twitter feed to be bombarded with an evening of political opinions… that’s his choice, just like it would be anyone’s choice to turn off the political debate that they were watching on television, if they didn’t feel like listening at the moment. How a person engages (or not) in a political discussion is completely their own choice. Politics are personal, and if you choose to keep it that way fine… if not, that’s fine too, but I don’t have to engage in a conversation that I’d prefer not to. And neither does my brother.

      • Sorry for not “taking it easy” . and I never meant to imply that you and Matthew aren’t friends, just that if you have some issue with his twitter feed, contact him directly, don’t make a remark on my blog, which had nothing to do with politics or my family.

        I am fairly protective of my brother and my family, so I’ll admit I over-reacted. I took your comment- since it seemed so out of place, I’m still not really sure what anything in my post had to do with politics or my family, sure I mentioned Piers Morgan, but he has a reach in many spheres, not just politics- as a barb against how we handle poltical conversations. So that’s why I jumped on it. I know we’re all friends, but online chatter can be misunderstood very easily, and I will again point out that it legitimately seemed like you were ONLY commenting to somehow joke about politics and my family’s relationship with it, which was outside of the conversation of this post. Sorry I over-reacted but perhaps you can see where I’m coming from (I’ll admit, I’m also specifically protective of my little brother, it felt like you were giving him a hard time in a medium where he couldn’t even defend himself, which is not really fair in my eyes… and so I yeah, I’m gonna get big sister on you. I’m not the most relaxed when it comes to that sort of thing). Or maybe you can’t. Doesn’t really matter. I think overall we understand each other, though we may choose to dialogue very differently, and that’s ok too.

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