Are you from Texas?



When we went back to our honeymoon resort for a vacation/anniversary trip in June, The Guns travelled in this t-shirt and hat.

I think I’ve mentioned that The Guns is Texas-obsessed, and full of pride for his home state (and our college, TCU), but sometimes it causes funny things to happen.

You see, there aren’t many things that Texas natives love more than talking about how awesome Texas is.  Coming in a close second is just talking to other Texans about anything at all, because if you’re from Texas, you are trustworthy.

So I wasn’t surprised when The Guns and I were approached by another couple from Texas with “you’re from Texas?  Us too” and then some nice small talk about the resort.

Side note: If you’re not from Texas, but (for some reason) you’re wearing a Texas themed shirt or hat… just go with it.

A couple hours later we had another couple approach us sheepishly while we were eating.  They had a bit of a Texas drawl.

“Hey, ya’ll are from Texas?”
“us too.”
“Great!  Are you guys on your honeymoon?”
”Yeah, we are.”
”Congratulations!  Are you enjoying yourself?”
”Well, yes, but have you guys been here before.”
”Actually we have.”
”Where did you guys find something good to eat?”
”You haven’t liked anything?”
”Not really.  Don’t you think the pizza is weird?”
”umm, I guess.  Well, we really like the Asian place.”
”Oh.  Ok”
”Do you like Asian food?”

Don’t worry, we gave them some other suggestions. Then they went to get a massage.

After this interaction, I felt bad for these little Texas country bumpkins.  I thought, “How sad!  They are looking for ‘normal’,’ American food that they can get any time.  They’re missing out on so much by not adventurous.”  And then I mentally gave myself extra points for being so adventurous with my culinary experiences.

And then I got e. coli. 

The end.


One thought on “Are you from Texas?

  1. Haha aren’t you glad we were so adventurous. And I still wear either a TCU or Cowboys gear when I’m in Alaska, just so people know

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