Can’t get enough!

I will never tire of looking at wedding photos.  Especially my own.  Which is why opening this mystery box was so great….

what is it??
Is that…
It is!
Our wedding album!
It took almost 2 years for us to pick the photos and then for the album to be made,
but it was well worth the wait.
If you have the chance to order an album from your wedding photographer, I would highly recommend it.  They can be quite expensive,
but they are your best memories turned into a piece of art.
Whenever we’re back on land, I plan on keeping our album on a coffee or end table in our living room.  It will look sophisticated and visitors can browse any time they want.
A couple of suggestions for keeping the costs down (at least based on our experience)… wait to pick out your photos for the album.  We didn’t choose photos until last summer, which meant that we had a year to really decide what photos were most important.  If you pick the images within a month (or for me, 6 months) you might (wrongly) assume that you need almost all the photos. You don’t. Wait, get some distance, and then pick your MOST favorites, not all the ones you love.DSCN1242
Another thing that helped us: My mom made a couple scrapbooks of our wedding, which meant that I had wonderful photo keepsakes of all the photos.  Then the album didn’t have to have all of those too.  Again, just my MOST favorites.
Since I knew that we had a limit on photos (40) I decided to seriously focus the types of photos that went into the album.  What did I choose?  Well, I made sure the photos were chronological (so the album truly represents each part of our wedding day), and most of the images I chose (minus a few to show off our wedding party) either showcase wedding details or candid moments.  View your album as more of an artistic expression of your wedding, not just a way to view photos.
As I mentioned earlier, wedding albums are usually pretty expensive, but the new style is meant to last, and (I think) is worth the money since they’ll withstand the test of time- both physically and emotionally.
You may be able to tell, but the photos are printed on the pages.  No corners lifting up off the page.  No faded photos.  No photos yellowing.DSCN1247
Plus the pages are thick, and meant to withstand basic wear and tear.
sigh.  I just love it.

Just a close up of the back.  This is an eco-friendly, leather-like material.
Do you have a wedding album?

PS- all photos  and album layout by Scott Wang Photography.  Take a look at his site, he and his wife are AWESOME!


2 thoughts on “Can’t get enough!

  1. Yay! I’m so happy that you love it! And I always enjoy getting to look back through albums. 🙂

    And you’ve given some great tips. Waiting a little bit & letting some of the emotion pass before picking your pictures will help you pick the ones you truly love & not just those that tug at heart strings. Great post & great advice for brides.

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