A Walk in Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of my favorite Mexican ports.  Beautiful beaches, a resort where crew members can swim, safe to walk around, and tourist friendly without being touristy- just a few reasons why I love it.  We’ll be headed back there in late October. 

If you’re there you should take some time to walk on the boardwalk or malecon along the waterfront in the downtown area.  There you’ll find some unique sculptures, beautiful to look at, but are also great because passersby can interact with them as well.  In addition you’ll see some impressive sand sculptures (someone please explain how these work to me? how it stays?  How you learn to do it?  How you do it? Baffling), various artists working, the occasional rock-stacking man, and sometimes some Mexican folkloric dancing.

You can also see some humorous stuff as you pass by various bars and clubs… tourists are kind of hilarious.  But that’s no different than any Mexican port.DSCN0053DSCN0054DSCN0055


Another reason I like Puerto Vallarta… because I may have sung “Brown Eyed Girl” with a live band. I also may have danced with a waiter…

DSCN0105DSCN0107Ok I did.

Have you ever been to Puerto?


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