on not being paid

“All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.” – Aristotle

I don’t think this means to avoid being paid.  But it does tell me that it’s ok to put the “full-time job” effort into our unpaid gigs that are our passions (be they writing, blogging, making music, acting, dancing, comedy-ing, cooking, photography, style, design, whatever) so that they can make up for the staleness that can sometimes come from our day jobs.  Even when we love our day jobs.

Though it’s been glamorized, it’s not always the right thing to quit our day jobs.

But it is often right to do that thing that doesn’t get us paid as if we were getting the dream salary.  And we don’t have to defend our decision to do this.

Do you have a passion that you pursue as if you are being paid?  Do you love your job but still sometimes find that it “absorbs” and “degrades” your mind?


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