Currently Collecting…

NAKED, er… NUDE… ummm… Neutral items.

Seriously, ya’ll.  Pretty much all my accessories (and a few clothing items) I’ve purchased in the past 6 months have been either a neutral color (and by “neutral” I don’t mean black or brown, I mean like “sand”) or something that matches my skin tone (ie, nude… or as The Guns would say, “naked.”)  Just take a look at my collection:

-gold shrug –sand, cropped blazer ish thing –gold clutch –blush cardigan –blush/nude flats
-neutral cross body bag –neutral sandals –neutral skinny belt –printed skirt –nude pumps
-neutral hobo tote –pewter wedges –neutral tone leopard print scarf –gold skinny belt
-neutral cowboy boots –natural belt – straw hat

That’s pretty much every style of shoes in a neutral color (most a true nude)- boots, flat sandals, heels, flats, and the pewter wedges… but those accomplish (almost) the same thing as the nude shoes.  What I love most is that every season and every formality is covered in just five pairs of shoes.  Seriously, if I could only pick 5 pairs of shoes, it would be these 5.  I’d pretty much be set.

Then there’s the 2 nude bags, big and small… can I just tell you that big tote is revolutionary?  Like the flats, and wedges I mentioned before, it goes with pretty much everything.

There’s also the nude-ish toppers.  I’ll admit that cardigan is more pink or peach, but I think it’s almost a blush color, and I wear it like a neutral (if this looks familiar to you, it’s because I had a similar button up cardigan that I wore OUT, and so I was excited to find this one to replace it).  Then there’s the light gold shrug (a metallic nude if you will) and the sand/taupe blazer-like thing.  All useful.  All go with everything, at pretty much every level of formal.

Then there’s that A-DOR-A-BLE Skirt (it’s a print, but come on, mostly nude) skirt. A closer look at the neutral tone in the print background:DSCN1231
Oh. em. gee. love.  on sale. at Old Navy. speaks. for. it. self.  Enough. of. this.  Not quite as versatile as everything else, but who really cares?

And there’s the scarf… the sandy leopard print.  Love.  That’s all I can say.

I used to divide my items into “goes with black” and “goes with brown,” and in the winter I loved bridging that gap with grey.  But in the summer… time to get naked!  I mean, nude.

Do you have any nude/neutral accessories or clothing?  Are you in love with them like me?


4 thoughts on “Currently Collecting…

    • Those are some of my favorites! Surprisingly… they did not make the cut for my limited wardrobe while I was on the ship… it was a tough one, but I just couldn’t justify it based on the types of things I’d be doing and the other clothing items I’d be bringing. Can’t wait to reunite with them later on!

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