My Shoes! MY Shoes!

I’ve already told you about these shoes, but come on, let’s take a look again.

I was in desperate need of some summer wedges.  Many of the dresses I wear during the summer look *fine* with flats, but something about giving my legs a little more length just positively transforms them.  So I was on the lookout for some great strappy, neutral-colored wedges, when I found these.

sigh… You raise me uuuuuuuup!…

Sorry, just having a moment with my shoes.  MY SHOES!

Anyway.  Truth be told, I was actually looking for some naked nude wedges, but this pewter color is just as great.  I love that these shoes can skew casual or dressed up, thus they actually go with everything.  No really.  We say that about every clothing item we buy, but this time it’s true. I have found the shoes that go with everything.  I’m like the Indiana Jones of Shoes in that way.

Have you found the shoes that go with everything?


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