A Summer on Land

Technically, our summer is over.  We are back to work (work does not equal summer) on the ship, in Alaska (so not ever really summer).  None of these photos is particularly groudbreaking, nor was any event worthy of its own post… so a smorgasbord it shall be!

You probably already knew this, but it gets dangerously hot in Texas during the summer.  This is a wildfire that we passed right by (ummm, scary!) on one of our many road trips.
Hello, my name is Bravo, and I’m a sleeping contortionist.
Feet at mouth is my preferred sleeping position.
My dad’s 4th of July dessert tribute.
Bravo likes to keep watch.
This is my husband, his best friend, and his best friend’s son. They’re about to walk in Borders.  They look like they’re on a date.  Or trying to pick up girls. Either one.  (PS, I was at Ann Taylor Loft while they were doing this. not concerned.).DSCN1221DSCN1222
Me and The Guns playing with mustaches…
Summer Tex Mex… aka Fuzzy’s queso!!!!
New, end of summer haircut!
And now we’re back on the ship… and Bravo is sad.

How was your summer?


2 thoughts on “A Summer on Land

  1. 1. J & S totally look like a couple who just adopted a baby. I was laughing out loud at that pic. They even have coordinating outfits!

    2. LOVE the summer haircut!

    3. It was so good to see you guys in July!

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