Fotos del Mexico

A few weeks back I showed you some photos from our Mexican anniversary vacation.  Which was hardly Mexican since we stayed at the resort the entire time… except for the fact that we ended up contracting some version of Montezuma’s revenge (seriously, I had e. coli…), in that way it was extremely Mexican.  But anyway. We also went to Mexico on one of our cruises in the spring, and I, being the horrible blogger that I am, never shared those with you.  This is a shame since I love the colors of MexicoP1200001
Our ship in Huatulco. 
This was a fun day except for the fact that we got ripped off at lunch… oh well!
In Cabo San Lucas.  Please tell me what is better than a pelican?DSCN0020DSCN0024
A walk through the TINY town of Loreto.
Not the most exciting photo- but this is a an island of cactus (cacti?)!
Umm, I just love a Mexican carnival!
Walking through the eclectic town of Guaymas.

Anyone been to some of these little Mexican towns?


2 thoughts on “Fotos del Mexico

  1. The fact that you’re still alive leads me to believe you didn’t ride any of those carnival rides, right?

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