You Made It!

DSCN0068Welcome to sometimes she blogs!

For some of you, this will be the standard “Hi, I’m the person whose blog you’ve decided to read.  My favorite color is…”

But for some of you, you’re all, “why’d you move? what happened? where’s Bravo and The Guns? WHY HAVE YOU ALTERED MY UNIVERSE?????”

Oh, it’s not that dramatic? Here’s the deal: I used to blog with Blogger, but I’ve been thinking about changing to wordpress for a while, and then I was tipped over the edge to go ahead and make the jump when 2 things happened.

1) My Google account stopped working correctly, and no matter what I did I could not get it to allow certain third party apps to access my information so that I could update my blog the way I wanted, not just in their web-based editing nonsense.

2) I realized I finally had the time to do it and deal with all the little tedious bits and pieces that happen when you migrate.

So I leapt.  And so did my blog.

And while I was at it, I changed the name and the focus (well, I acknowledged the change in focus that had already happened, thus I can commit to the change. I LOVE COMMITTING!)

If you’re new, you may need an explanation.  You see, I started blogging about wedding planning… well, that’s not entirely true, I started blogging in high school (on xanga… I’m pretty legit), completely personal, not really taking it seriously.  Then, a few months before I got married I started blogging about wedding planning (, and then once I got married I thought I could continue blogging about weddings and newlywed stuff, but honestly I cannot be contained. not even by myself.  I’m too many things and have too many thoughts to blog about just one thing.  I tried to make changes on the former blog to reflect this, but none of the changes really sat well with me.

And if you’re sitting there thinking that I spend entirely too much time obsessing over my blog… no arguments there. 

Anyway, these changes make sense to me.  The name feels better, and I’m still getting to know wordpress, but I can tell it’s a better place for me if I want to grow my blog over the upcoming years.

So what is this blog “about?” Me.  And my husband.  And our travels with our jobs. And my thoughts, maybe his thoughts… maybe your thoughts too. Maybe even our dog’s thoughts.  It will show stuff that I do, stuff that I love, stuff I want to do, stuff I make, stuff I wear, stuff I’m obsessing over.  I’ll definitely talk about dance and art and stuff that moves me.  And books and my iPad and the future.  Sometimes it will be this and sometimes it will be that.  Sometimes I’ll talk about God.  Sometimes I’ll talk about the president (wait, who am I kidding?  I never talk about the president).  Sometimes I’ll talk about Cat Deeley (never talked about her either, but I should start).  sometimes i’ll blog.

Is that ok with you?

Some Housekeeping Notes

When I made the jump to wordpress I did a lot of cleaning up, but left some stuff dirty.

I cleaned up my categories, so that it would be easier to navigate based on subject, plus some stuff was just filed incorrectly.  Unfortunately, that means that some of my older posts are now reading in certain readers (cough Google Reader cough cough) as new, though the only update I made was to a category, it’s not a new post. I hope you’ll add sometimes she blogs to whatever reader you use, but when you do, you may see that you have hundreds of unread items… your best bet is to just mark all my posts as “read” initially.  The newest posts (including this one) should be at the top though.  If you’re a heavy blog reader, I apologize, because this is a big inconvenience… I would have handled this differently had I known this would happen.  So sorry.

I have moved all of my posts over, so you will be able to read old posts on this site if you’d like. I was lucky and found it very easy to transfer my pictures from one platform to the other, but this template is a bit different than my previous, so some of the layouts on previous posts may be a bit off. From here on out, I’ll do my best to make my posts look great in this layout, but I’m not going to go back and make adjustments on the archives.  At least not anytime soon.

Pictures transferred easily, but videos did not. Any videos I post from here on out should be easily viewed, but I’m not going back to restore videos from previous posts. Again, At least not anytime soon.  (Though some of the videos you can get to by clicking a link).

My blogspot blog will still be live, for as long as it makes sense to keep it there.  But I will not be posting anything new over there (besides the occasional “hey, I’m not here any more!” message).

If you link to me on your blog, please change the web address and the name… thanks for doing that, I know it’s a hassle!

For those of you who follow me on twitter (and if not, you can follow me on the right side of this page) or are friends with me on facebook, I usually post when I’ve made a blog update.  But if you’re not down with that, or if you want an easier way you can do one of three things:

1) Subscribe by e-mail on the right.  You’ll get an e-mail whenever I post.

2) Subscribe to my RSS feed.  You can do that on the right too.

3) Add to whatever reader you choose, Google or otherwise.

Want to know more about me and/or the blog and/or my awesome husband and/or my furbaby, Bravo?  You can click on the links at the top of the page. If you don’t feel like scrolling up you can click here or here.

So in short… sometimes i’ll blog.  and I hope that sometimes you’ll read.

You made it to the end of this post!  You get a cookie.

PS- my favorite color is purple.


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