Talking with the Guns- naked flats!

Since I have become mildly obsessed with my own wardrobe and personal style, I’ve been trying to cultivate a certain amount of “must-haves” in my closet.  Being at sea has actually helped: I don’t have as many daily needs when it comes to clothing, so it’s easier to identify when I really need something (ie, I’m thinking about it a lot, and wishing I had it because it would be really useful and versatile), versus when I’m simply getting bored with my clothes.  

There’s a lot more to say about that, but, that’s not the point of this post… the point is that one thing that’s been on my list for awhile was a neutral (my skin-toned, aka nude) pair of flats.  The Guns knows this.  I try to make a habit of telling him what I’m shopping for.  So before we walked into a Payless I informed him that I was specifically looking for some nude flats.  Which I found, in the perfect shape and matching my skin tone (what?), which led to a purchase and skipping out of the store.

Me: Yay! I got exactly what I wanted!
The Guns: Yeah! Naked Flats!
Me: guffaws ummm, nude flats.
The Guns: There’s a difference?

One thought on “Talking with the Guns- naked flats!

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