Hello friends!  Have you missed me?  Why, yes, I’ve missed you too!

We’re feeling a change of seasons out here at sea.  While most of you are transitioning from spring to summer, or from school to summer vacation, or from school to post-grad life, we are transitioning from Hawaii to Alaska.  Yes, while you are getting warmer the ship is getting A LOT cooler.  Even cold.  But we are also entering into the end of this contract or this ship season if you will.  As of tomorrow we will be just one month away from returning to land temporarily.  We are not sure where we are headed next or when, but it doesn’t really matter because we are focused on 2 things: 1) finishing our work here (there’s still lots to do: one month equals about 300 hours of work or more) and 2) the fact that we get to have all the fun of being on land that we miss out on while we’re at sea (you know it’s tough travelling to exciting locales and what not).

The things I’m most excited about?

1) Seeing the friends and family at home (wherever that is, we’re still debating it)

2) Take-out pizza!  And Chinese!  And Chipotle!  And sushi!

3) Knowing about the current storylines in our favorite shows as they happen, not 3 weeks later (please, no spoilers…. cannot take it)

4) Sleeping in.  And possibly in at least a full (not twin, not bunk) bed!

5) BRAVO!  Oh how I miss my little canine companion!

But even though I miss all those things, I find that I’m really thankful for the way our life is going right now.  How blessed we are to live a life that takes on such interesting seasons!  Most people live with one thing, year after year.  But we get to live for a few months one way, getting the most out of a life of travel, service, co-worker camaraderie and intense work.  And then we spend a few weeks the opposite way, getting the most out of staying in one place, spending time with beloved friends and family (and pets), and the true relaxation that can only come from a true, no-working, no traveling (well, ok, maybe a bit of travel) vacation and rest period.  It’s very weird at times to go back and forth between the two and sometimes, because it doesn’t feel very efficient (constantly moving things from place to place rather than having one solid location to go back to… not needing a car for most of the year, but still paying for car insurance since we need them desperately at certain times of the year, etc.), but just when you’re itching for something different or start missing something about one type of life you get to return to that.

Do you have seasons in your life like this? A time to travel, but then a time to stay put?  A time of intense work versus a time of complete relaxation?  Something else entirely?


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