Some thoughts for you today

Normally I reserve my blog for fun stuff.  I hope people enjoy reading it, and that it lightens your mood.  I will occasionally delve into deep thoughts, but usually even then it’s still things I like to think about.

I have to confess that ever since 9/11 I have become a bit jaded (or maybe a better word is complacent?) when it comes to global causes/issues/events.  I tend to put my head in the sand when I hear about any type of disaster or unrest.  It’s so depressing a lot of times that I refuse to watch news shows.  I try to be marginally aware of what’s going on, but pretty much refuse to think on it too heavily.  I remember trying to know as little as possible about Hurricane Katrina, the shooting at Virginia Tech, different wars in the Middle East, and the past 6 months I’ve mostly avoided news in general (unrest in Egypt, et. al., and Japan’s utter distruction… much less the general state of the economy here in the US).  It’s as if I know bad, no terrible things are going to happen, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it, so why spend all that much time thinking about it?

I don’t want to make excuses for this, because it’s not something I’m proud of.  It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I don’t know how to be informed (and anyway, I have trouble knowing what news sources to trust, but that is an entirely different topic) and still function properly… watching it only overwhelms me and makes me wonder how anyone in those terrible situations can be helped at all.  Some of the situations seem unfixable, which is too much for problem-solving brain.

And not to say that any leader has acted correctly and with the appropriate amount of concern/action as they should in any given negative situation like the ones I’ve mentioned, but really so many people yell and scream and cry at the president or another relevant world leader when something bad happens.  “Why aren’t you doing anything?”  “Why hasn’t this been fixed yet?” “So and so doesn’t care about this issue” and yes there is some fault we could throw around.  But we’re usually yelling at one person.  And one person can’t do it on their own.  I’d actually say that probably one government is not capable either… not when it comes to the amount of time in which we’d like to see the issue settled.

So I’ve overcompensated and tried to be generally aware, but honestly I don’t know what else to do.  I feel so overwhelmed by the needs of any one cause, and then when you compare one issue to another, how do you choose whether you give your money or time to cancer research or the victims in Japan?

Again, I’m not proud of this, but to be honest, I tend to choose not to even make a choice rather than doing any one thing.

I started writing this post with the intent to cover an entirely different topic… but I think this is enough to chew on for now.  I’ll write a part 2 on the issue that spurred this post in a few days (ok, maybe a week).

So what do you think?  How do you stay informed/aware but still function within your own life that may be so removed from these situations?  How do you help?  How do you choose who gets your time and/or your money?


3 thoughts on “Some thoughts for you today

  1. 1) This is entirely off-topic, but there's an ad for Full Sail on your page. I've considered getting my Master's there. Just an FYI, lol.

    2) I'm kind of the same way. I can't do anything but pray, so I try to pray and live my life.

    That said, I've fallen into being passionate about St Jude Children's Research Hospital. It started with doing fundraisers for my internship and has progressed to me actually visiting the hospital four times and counting. I could see myself working there, one day. While I support and admire other causes, THAT'S the cause I give the most time, energy, and money to help.

    I think you'll just stumble across something that hits you so hard, you will have no choice but to make that YOUR cause.

  2. I understand how you feel, although I took the opposite approach. I spent much of life preparing for a journalism career, and was always immersed in the news of the bad — I felt jaded because I saw so much of it all the time. I hope one day I'll find that cause that's passionate to me, but for now, I just observe.

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