New sitcom obsession.

Like a good child I was raised on the sitcom.

Ok, sorry mom and dad, that’s a little insulting.  I was raised on more than that.  That being said, in our house we’ve taken television watching to an art form.  And yes, the show of choice prior to the boom of reality television was the sitcom.

For me, it started with the Nick at Nite shows, and as a grade schooler I was way into the I Love Lucy and the Dick van Dyke… I think I even watched Petticoat Junction if you can believe it.  Current (at the time) sitcoms we watched: The Cosby Show, The Nanny, and, as I got older, Seinfeld and, of course Friends.  In my opinion Friends (especially seasons 1- about 7) is one of the best examples of sitcoms in tv history (it’s fine if you disagree, but basically it’s my favorite).

But then something happened.  Reality tv.  Which I also loved, so that’s cool.  But somewhere in there sitcoms started sucking.  They were so bad.  Granted, for awhile there, any scripted shows were bad, but then dramas started getting better too, but sitcoms were just soooo… sitcommy.  Like, in a bad way.

And then NBC started showing the Office, and a million other comedies (that really can’t be designated as a traditional sitcom, they just don’t follow the correct formula, and what is all this talking to the camera) like it, and it also premiered 30 Rock which is in it’s own wacky but brilliant universe… and finally comedy was getting good.  The Guns and I pledged our love for all things NBC comedy (plus ABC’s Modern Family).

But it’s still not a sitcom.  Sorry people, I just don’t buy any of those NBC shows as a traditional sitcom.  Why, I’m not sure, it just doesn’t feel the same.  The traditional sitcom appears to live on its own in CBS territory, and The Guns and I just can’t stomach that network or it’s 2 and a half Men.

But recently I discovered another show: The Big Bang Theory.

Yes, I realize I’m like 4 years late on this, but I’m a tv snob who prefers the upper crust: you know, like America’s Next Top Model, and the Millionaire Matchmaker.

I was able to borrow the first 3 seasons of Big Bang from another crew member and then find other ways of getting the latest episodes, so I’m mostly caught up, and this show has made me fall in love with the sitcom again (though it’s producer insists on creating other shows I hate: see 2 and a half Men, et. al.) It’s at times completely predictable, but you’re totally enraptured by the story lines anyway, the classic one-liners, the unlikelihood that any of these things would happen at all, the incessant laughter (I prefer to decide when to laugh on my own, but whatev), the ridiculousness of certain plots, but it’s still AWESOME.  So perhaps I’ll give in a bit CBS.  And perhaps I’ll enjoy more traditional sitcoms instead of mockumentary styles.  But first, I have some observations about my new obsession:

Things I think about as I watch Big Bang Theory

1) Kaley Cuoco, I love you BUT… maybe stop watching so many Friends reruns?  Anyone else notice how she’s channeling Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green?  I mean, sure it works, but you’re a 21st century LA actress wannabe/Cheesecake Factory waitress who can barely pay her  own rent, not a late 90s coffee shop waitress (btw- why does a coffee shop need a waitress?) with the ubiquitous haircut who can barely pay her own rent…  oh wait, now I understand the similarity.

2) The theme song… is awesome and I love lip-synching it.

3) The Running gags keep me happy… for example, whenever brainiac/possible alien life form Sheldon gets sick, he insists on someone singing him “soft kitty” 
“Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, little ball of fur.  Happy kitty, Sleep kitty, purr, purr, purr”

This makes me so happy that I’ve made my own version for those who are allergic to cats (like me):
”Soft puppy, warm puppy, little ball of fur.  Happy puppy, Sleepy Puppy, GRRR, GRRR, GRRR!”

4) Jim Parsons is flipping brilliant… as the physicist we love to hate (Or hate to love, but generally love love love) Sheldon Cooper (he won an Emmy and a Golden Globe after all).  Cannot get enough of him.

5) That being said… every time I see Sheldon I imagine my friend Jason.  Not because he’s like Sheldon (ok, not most of the time anyway) but because he would be at AMAZING in the same role.  It would awesome, hysterical, and then maybe I’d get to live my award show dreams vicariously through him/his facebook page.  And if you know Jason, you know what I’m saying.  And if you don’t know him: he’s an actor/comedian living in NY.

Do you watch the Big Bang Theory?  Do you love/hate the traditional sitcom?


2 thoughts on “New sitcom obsession.

  1. When I clicked on this post, I thought to myself, “She MUST be talking about BBT.”

    I started watching this show last season and am obsessed, too, lol. On Black Friday, they were selling the first 3 seasons for $12 each. I grabbed those suckers up and have been entertaining myself with them, ever since. LOVE this show.

    Oh, and I agree about Friends. I still can watch that show and laugh until I think I'm going to pee.

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