Talking with the Guns: Swimming Lessons

The other day, The Guns and I were watching the second to last episode of Top Chef All Stars (yes, we’re behind…. we live on a boat.  And don’t tell me who won!  I’m still waiting), where they have to swim to get the conch they’re cooking for the challenge (All Stars are hardcore!).  We were laughing at what a bad swimmer Richard was…

Me: Oh wow, this is hilarious.  I think he’s worse at swimming than I am.  And I am not good.

(this is true, it’s quite comical to watch me swim, and I don’t like putting my face in water, which makes swimming quite difficult.)

The Guns: thoughtful pause. We really need to work on your swimming skills.

Me: But why?

The Guns: pointed look. Uh, we live on a boat.

He looks out for me.


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