Sleeping Habits

The first married couple we met who also worked onboard a cruise ship told us a horror story.  A true story, but a horror story.

“It was our first contract.  We arrived, and they said to me, ‘here’s your room,’ and then they said to him, ‘ok, we’ll take you to your room now.’ We said, ‘we’re married,’ they said, ‘we know, but we don’t have the space to put you in the same room.”


And that’s how they lived for 3 weeks. With roommates. So wife would wake up, knock on husband’s door, they’d spend the day working together and then retire to their separate quarters.

This did not happen to us.  If it did, I don’t know that we would have made it through (I should point out that this couple was working with a different line, and I know from personal experience and by observation that our employer is great when it comes to couples) the first day.  I remember walking into our first room on the ship and breathing a HUGE sigh of relief: it was small but not too small, AND it was a double bed.

I’m wishing now that I’d taken photos of our previous cabin, so that all of you could see, but I spent more time sleeping there than thinking to document those few months of our ship living quarters.

Again, I wish I had, because now we are not so lucky.

Don’t worry, we’re still in the same room, but we got a surprise this contract:

P4030020Bunk Beds!
(in case you can’t tell, that’s our bunk bed.  The brightly colored cloth are the curtains they give you for privacy…. they’re kind of awesome actually).

I remember when I was younger and I HAD to have bunk beds (God bless my parents, I got them!) but now they are not so great.

Before any of you feel too bad for us, we’ve actually gotten used to it, and hopefully this won’t happen on our next contract, but right now there are some reconfigurations of rooms onboard many ships, and so this is just how it is for now.  We tried sleeping in the bottom bunk together our first night, but that resulted in the worst sore muscles anyone could imagine, so we’re currently one of those married couples that sleeps in separate beds.

And I know that happens for various reasons, though I never expected it to happen to us, and certainly not this early in our marriage…

And if you’re curious about what the rest of our quarters looks like…


End of tour.


One thought on “Sleeping Habits

  1. Oh wow, that must be hard — but at least you're both in the same room and have a space for just the two of you. I didn't realize that it wasn't a given for ship couples to always have the right accommodations. Thanks for sharing your room photos — here's hoping your next contract will bring a bigger, and better bed!

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