at sea: new job

Hello friends!

No excuses as to why I’ve been MIA for the past 3 weeks.

Never mind I can’t help myself.

Excuse number 1: adjusting to my new job has taken some time.  Pretty much everything except for that has taken a back seat.  But I’m starting to feel better about it so hopefully I can go back to being my normal multi-tasking self.

Excuse number 2: the day after my last post we flew to Mexico to meet the ship.  Our employer put us up in a resort in Puerto Vallarta.  This was wonderful, except that there was no free internet, which meant that instead of stockpiling some posts I focused on other things (see excuse number 1)

Excuse number 3: getting back into “ship life” took some adjusting.  The most pressing items (besides training for my new job and settling into my duties) were relearning all the things we were out of practice in on vacation, ie safety procedures and duties, how to survive a 10 hour day and a 70 hour workweek with no weekends.

Excuse number 4: since we came back to the same ship, I had a lot of fun being reunited with lots of crew members we worked with before.  So a lot of time was spent socializing and catching up on what happened while we were gone.  Camaraderie with crew members is important for morale, but also to get stuff done!

So Thanks for hanging around (miraculously I’ve gained readers though I haven’t written in weeks) and bearing with me.  Those of you who read regularly know this happens periodically.  On top of the transient nature of my life at the moment (which is not a good combination for me and my writing habits) I also have limited access to the internet, so that doesn’t help things either.  Again, please forgive me, and I promise I’ll have something to share eventually.

As for a general update, I’m absolutely thrilled with my job- could not be happier, which is something I honestly was not expecting.  The Guns and I are enjoying sailing back and forth from Hawaii over the next few weeks.  I’ll give more details about where we’re going and what exactly I’m doing in the posts to come.


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