Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday.  She is another year older.  She is awesome.  Here’s why:

1) She makes lists.  Every day.  And she taught me that, for a big list, it is useful to write down things that were really easy (ie, take a shower) or that I had already done, just so that I could have the pleasure of crossing things off.

2) She uses facebook without having a facebook account.  Take that Zuckerburg!  She will e-mail or text me saying “did you see this on facebook?”  Basically, she is a facebook ninja.

3) She planned my wedding (which was awesome, ask anyone) and I’m pretty sure she could have done it without me.  Like it would have been great even if I’d decided to skip out on it.  Maybe it would have been better, we’ll never know.

4) She taught me the meaning of the word “punchy.”  Not using words, by example. (she might be reading this and think it’s a bad thing, but it’s actually a really good thing)

5) If she had to pick, I think sometimes she’d be on my husband’s side, not mine. Which, again, sounds bad but is actually good.  Because let’s be honest, the normal one in our relationship is definitely not me. And I think a lot of MIL’s (mothers in law) default to defend their own child, but The Guns’ knows that Mama J is for him, not against him. What more could a SIL (son in law, keep up) want? Oh, a mother in law who would chat sports with him and send him ESPN specials that she recorded for him and burned onto a DVD?  Yeah… she does that too!

6) When we told her we were going to work on a ship she was like “I want to come” instead of the normal reaction of “what are you doing with your lives????”

7)  She sends me e-mails and texts to let me know what television shows I should be watching.  Also, sometimes our conversations center around reality television (omg, Fabio… fabio, we’ll miss you).

8) She rarely calls me (unless I leave her a voicemail, then she always calls) because she’s worried that if she does she might interrupt something.  Like an important meeting.  Or The Office.  Or a nap.  (by the way, if she did call and if she did interrupt any of those things, I’d be ok with it)

9) She taught me how to make oreo balls.  That alone qualifies her for mother of the year.

10) Her birthday is the day after a major holiday (one which can sometimes cause some strife) and I’ve never heard her complain about having to “share” with Valentine’s Day (although I totally would).

All of these are, admittedly, a little silly but they are not inconsequential to me.  Ultimately, she made me the person I am today, and I love her for that but also for being the woman she is.  Happy Birthday mom!


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