valentine’s day ideas for the slacker romantic

I really am a romantic.  I love my husband, and I love finding special, unexpected ways to show him I love him.  But I’m not a true romantic. As in, I don’t require all the bells and whistles.  I don’t need the grand gesture, in fact, I’d prefer an inside joke.  I’m not itching for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, but I’d love a piggy back ride to a picnic of takeout chinese food.  And it goes both ways.  I don’t like to give crazy off-the wall gifts that are more for show than for good use.  I rarely gift wrap presents to The Guns for romantic events such as anniversaries, birthdays, or valentine’s day.  Too much work.  Yep, I’m a slacker romantic.

Now, is it good to be a slacker romantic all the time?  Maybe not, but I think it’s very appropriate for Valentine’s day… it’s a day that is so built up by commercialism, that you wonder why exactly we’re taking that day to be special… but you’re a jerk if you don’t at least recognize it. Plus it can be really fun, but only if you take away some of that pressure for things to be perfect and romantic (because this usually = trying too hard, which is awkward, aka, not romantic).  I think using your slacker romantic skills on Valentine’s Day RULES!  Plus, being a slacker romantic can work for you whether you happen to be in a significant other situation, or not.

So if you’re reading this and you have yet to plan anything for Vday, you most definitely are a slacker… but no worries, you still have time to be romantic.  Here are some ideas:

1) Breakfast in bed. People act like this is a big deal and is difficult to do… um, it’s not.  It’s really easy.  Set your alarm and tell your better half to sleep in.  You can go as complicated as omelets and pancakes or as simple as cereal and fruit.  Use nice dishes.

2) Fancy bubbly.  Whether you prefer sparkling wine or cider, you can find it at every price point.  For whatever reason, drinking it is special; it’s not an everyday occurrence.  It can be special even if you buy the cheap stuff, just dress it up a bit– add some frozen raspberries or blackberries to the bottom of the glass and pour the good stuff over it.  Perfection, and definitely not everyday.

3) Dress appropriately.  Wear red and/or pink.  It’s fun.  Just try it.

4) Buy or make silly cards for both friends and significant others. Don’t go for the mushy and/or serious lovey dovey cards.  No, that’s far too predictable and you may want to gag yourself.  Cards with insanely adorable animals on the front are some of your best options.

5) Make themed food.  Add red or pink food coloring to things.  Find heart-shaped cake pans.  Make an all-red menu.  You get the idea.

6)  Buy typical valentine gifts.  Chocolates in red heart-shaped boxes.  Teddy bears holding hearts.  This might seem pathetic and predictable, but if you combine it with a gift or gesture that shows you put some thought into it, these typical gifts will seem adorable, funny, and ironic.

7) Watch a rom-com.  Yeah, they’re predictable and at times superfluous, but if a cheesy romantic comedy doesn’t sweeten your Vday then there’s no hope for you.  Pick one you love, or one you love to hate… better yet, pick one you hate to love!

8)  No matter what your dinner consists of, add candles.  A candlelit dinner from Taco Bell is still a candlelit dinner.

9)  Need a soundtrack?  You’re welcome.  (If you’re in a hater mood, Pandora has a love stinks station as well.  Again, you’re welcome.)

10)  Take an adorable photo.

add some cliche effects

post it on your friend or lover’s facebook profile

Add a Valentine-themed caption

You make my life more colorful!  Be mine?

Congratulations, you’ve just made the cheesiest, easiest, 21st century valentine.  Extra points for public proclamations of love and the fact that you’ve used facebook for good.

What are you doing for V-day?  Are you a slacker romantic? Happy Valentine’s Day!  


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