At Sea: update

So sorry for the no-post yesterday.  I’m lame.

For those of you that don’t know me IRL (In Real Life), or do, but don’t compulsively facebook stalk me (please explain what else you are doing with your life?)… I have some news.

I’ve been referencing this flight to Seattle that I made last week.  It was not a trip for fun (though I had a lot of fun) nor a trip that I provided for myself.  It was provided for me, for a job interview.

Let’s back up, shall we?

So, while I was on the ship I was looking around at other positions, trying to figure out what I wanted to do.  I wanted to move out of my job for a few reasons, the main one being I knew I could do more, that I had skills that, simply put, I wasn’t using in the cruise ship library (no offense to librarians, as it’s not like I was doing anything that required a library science degree.  And no offense to any cruise ship librarians as our job is certainly not easy… I just knew I could be doing other things that might be more productive for my career.  Ok, enough justifications).

So I looked around, and I sent a resume and a cover letter, but didn’t hear anything.  Until mid-January when I got an e-mail saying “how about a phone interview this afternoon?”  sure.  That went well.  a few days later, “how about another phone interview this afternoon?”  sure.  That went pretty well.  a few days later, “how about we fly you up to Seattle for a job interview.”  absolutely, just tell me when.

Well, when was last Thursday and Friday, and this Monday I found out I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thrilled!  I’m not sure how much I want to share about my job on the blog yet, I think once I get started (probably at the end of the month) I’ll share a lot more, but the general gist is that I’ll be teaching basic digital media classes.

I am thrilled because I’ll get to put on my teaching hat, which I love, and I’ll also get to have more small group interactions with guests, which is really the best part of our line of work.  I’m joining a program that has amazing support for its participants.  The main portion of my job (teaching these classes) will be a lot more focused (in terms of time, work area, and things I’m responsible for) than what I was dealing with before.  I’m also thrilled because I think the material I’ll be teaching is really fun and enjoyable.  And of course the BEST part is that The Guns and I will still be sailing together.

We are still not officially confirmed as to when and where we’ll be going next, but I’ll post as soon as I know for sure.

That’s it for now.  Tomorrow we’ll resume with normal blog silliness.  Sooo… don’t be shy, cruise on by!

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


4 thoughts on “At Sea: update

  1. I will admit that I sometimes blog stalk you. I've known you since we were BFFs in Kindergarten, so it's acceptable, yes?

    So what does this mean exactly? Are you moving to Seattle? Are you teaching classes on a boat?

  2. thanks to you both! and yes, stalking is acceptable, lol.

    oh, and sorry, I wasn't clear, yeah, I'll be teaching classes on the ship, so I don't know which ship they'll send me to next (well, I have a good idea, but it's not completely official yet). They have these classes onboard all 15 of our ships, so I'll work on one for a few months, take a vacation, and then go to a different one, and Jacob will do the same thing in his position.

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