(jet)stream of consciousness

Thoughts at 30,000 feet (or however high airplanes fly)

oh look, there’s an empty seat between me and the other passenger on my row.
oh, I guess it’s the perfect spot for his bag.  how nice of him to ask if I need it for something.

well, I don’t need the extra space, but would have been nice to be asked.  ohwell.

um, fellow passenger, I am thoroughly enjoying the residual sound eeking out from your headphones.  I find it all quite ironic.  you look to be about 57 and seem like you would love some Johnny Cash or classic rock.  but no, what’s that I hear coming from your earbuds?

“…we’ve been spending most our lives, living in a gangsta’s paradise”


and what is the natural choice to follow Coolio’s late 90’s hood anthem but some sort of 80’s chick rock?  oh fellow passenger, you are turning into quite the riddle…

and now, inexplicably, I have that grenade song in my head… “I’d catch a grenade for ya!”  Taio Cruz, though your song depicting a love worth dying for and “stepping on a blade” is starting to be one that I don’t hate, but instead look forward to belting out in the car… I just want to point out that it wouldn’t  make that much sense to catch a grenade for someone… it’s not like taking a bullet for someone where you get hurt and the other person doesn’t.  if you catch the grenade you’re both going to get hurt and die, so you are really showing your stupidity rather than your loving faithfulness.  just wanted to point that out.

and now the drink cart is coming.  nothing for me, thanks.  enjoy your beer and bloody mary fellow passenger, as it in fact IS 5 o clock somewhere.

*************work-related thoughts, focusing on the task at hand*****************

oh the drink cart is coming around again?  still nothing for me, thanks. but another beer and another bloody mary for my fellow passenger… sir, this flight is less than 4 hours long…

*************superfluous thoughts spurred on by reading my latest copy of Glamour**************

fellow passenger, why are you looking around suspiciously?  fellow passenger, why are you trying to sneak something out of your bag?  fellow passenger, do you have a bo… are you allowed to even think the word “bomb” on an airplane?

oh, it’s tobacco dip.  lovely.

where are you going to spit that out?  don’t want to know…

what’s that familiar melody I hear coming from your headphones?  you’re replaying
“Gangsta’s Paradise?”

fellow passenger, you are quite the enigma.


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