young lady

What constitutes young?  Or being called young?  2 airport shop workers were absolutely charming to me yesterday.  They called me young lady.  Is this what they call anyone under 85?  Or do they really think I look young? If so, how young?  I’m not complaining, when they said it I smiled to myself, which was silly, because what kind of accomplishment is it to be young?  And, I mean, it’s not like I’m 40 and passing for 25.  But perhaps I am 24 and passing for 18?  And is that actually compliment, then?  But really, why was I so amused at that turn of phrase “what would you like, young lady?” Perhaps because I know the secret… I’m not, in fact, 18, but instead 24, and I’ll astound you by holding a conversation about the job market, a recent NPR interview, and how I was on facebook when it first started, when it was only for college students.  And then they’d be like, “whoa, how can this 18 year old be talking about knowing when facebook started as only for college students when that was 6 years ago and she would have been 12 and probably not in college?!?!?!”
At 24… is it ok to be mistaken as younger?  Is it always flattering to be mistaken as younger?


One thought on “young lady

  1. Maybe this is a new thing for you, but I'm used to always being mistaken for being younger. Finally, at 25, people now thing I'm a junior or senior in college instead of a freshmen, which I find strangely flattering.

    At any rate, I think 24 or 25 is still pretty young. Not as young as an 18 year old, but to a 40 or 50 year old shop worker, we are young. I'm not sure at what age “young lady” stops being such a strange phrase.

    On the rare occasion that someone things I'm older than I am, I'm actually really flattered!

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