At Sea: some couple photos

I’ve realized that I haven’t shared as many photos from ship life as I thought… and I won’t share everything, for various reasons and the fact that facebook is way better for stuff like that, but I digress.
I have a vague timeline of my relationship with The Guns through the photos we take of just the two of us, and these photos from our first contract are now an important part of that timeline.  I am thrilled with the way those 4 months went for us as a couple: we learned so much about each other and were a constant source of support for one another.  Plus, we were paid to (sometimes) go to parties, dress up, and have a good time… what more could a girl want?
 photos from one of many “country nights” on the ship
I always taught a line dance.  The Guns kept up.
 This is how you Texas two-step
 Halloween.  I was a cavewoman.  He was a cowboy (the football kind).
 The Guns is doing the guns!
 Christmas Eve
 New Year’s Eve
For the record… The Guns and I would not recommend a Christmas cruise for most people, while there are many great things about it, you just can’t get the same feelings of Christmas that you do at home.  New Years Cruise, though, are THE BEST.  The whole ship is out, and in their best dresses, and there is live music and lots of food and drinks, and everyone is so happy, and it’s everything New Years Eve should be… without all the drunk drivers.
just a little bit after midnight!
Looking at these photos… I can’t wait to go back!

3 thoughts on “At Sea: some couple photos

  1. It was such a neat surprise to run into you guys in Bryan! Y'all look so nice in your New Year's outfits 🙂 I can definitely imagine how a New Year's cruise would be really fun 🙂 I'm going on my first cruise with the family in July!

  2. So cute!!!!

    Yeah, my family is discussing taking a cruise in the next Christmas or two. I'm personally against it, lol.

    Unless it was a Disney cruise…… I think they actually go all out for Christmas.

    A NYE cruise sounds AWESOME, though!

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