home less

We are not homeless… we are without a home, but that is a totally different thing than being homeless.

People on the ship always asked me “where are you from?” which was just a little bit less difficult to answer than “where’s home?”  Because where is it?  on the ship?  At my parents’?  The Guns’?  Where Bravo is?  where our stuff is?

this really could turn into an entirely different post.  must refrain.

But not having a home for a certain amount of time is really a blessing.  Most people pick a home because they have to, because they need it right away.  Because you need a space for your stuff.  Because you don’t want to catch cold.  because that’s the only way to live.  But we have some time to think about what type of home we want when we need one again, where it will be, and what it will look like.

And these are just some ideas I have.

Home idea number one:
big, open rooms.  a kitchen with an island in the middle of it, and one of those grids that hangs pots and pans. hardwood floors.  a wall of french doors on the main floor that open into a landscaped backyard (I don’t know who’s taking care of it).  A reading nook/ window seat somewhere.  And a space over the garage to turn into a dance studio.  Design colors: white, chocolate, and robin egg blue.

You know, something like this:

Home idea number two:
Loft style condo in the city.  cement floors.  floor to ceiling windows. unexpected colors. an odd staircase. a brick wall.  a bed enclosed by a curtain.

Home idea number 3:
something small.  like really small.  so we can only have so much stuff. and there’s a place for everything and everything in its place.

Where do you want to live?


3 thoughts on “home less

  1. Go with home idea #2! I think you should also hand over a limitless budget for me to go decor-crazy and buy all sorts of fabulousness. Oh, I guess I'm trying to turn your home into mine before you even have it…I'll stop now.

  2. I love the idea of a loft home/cramped home — I like the possibilities of being creative with not much space. Plus, I like how overflowing bookcases look — it just seems pretty cozy.

    Any word yet on your next contract? I hope you're having a wonderful time adjusting to your land legs and life at home (however you're defining it right now). 🙂

  3. Coming from someone living the cramped home life, I can say it's quite nice. Cozy and warm. And it makes me have to go through things often and problem-solve frequently, which I wouldn't do except out of necessity. Like yesterday I went through all my clothes and made a Goodwill pile and a Plato's Closet pile…. yep, wouldn't have done that except that Andrew pointed out that we were out of hangers (and space). Spring cleaning has come early in the Sullivan apartment. However, I'd love a garage/backyard for “projects.” I currently have paint cans and old furniture littering the living room… :/

    Where are y'all currently? How are you adjusting back to life on land?

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