on my back, grey. gray? grey.

Remember when brown was the new black?  And then black was the new black?  And then orange was
the new pink (and whoever said that was seriously disturbed… holla Elle Woods)?

Well, I think grey (gray?) is the new black. At least for me.

I know grey can be perceived as a very boring color, but I like to look at it as dependable and predictable.  I’m trying to develop a professional set of clothes (I believe my exact words to my mom were “I’m trying to grow up.  Will you help me?”), and grey seemed like my best bet because while grey is fairly conservative, it’s a very friendly color when it comes to the rest of my closet.  Grey is Switzerland.

It is friends with all the neutral colors.  It has coffee with navy, lunch with chocolate brown, and it is best friends with black.  And it is facebook friends with pretty much every other color too, from mustard yellow and chartreuse to fuschia and plum.  Buying something in grey really does mean that it will go with everything.  No clashes and color wars or rumors of “does that really match?”

But the real reason grey is the new black?  I’m seeing a lot of it, and I’m buying even more.  At the moment I’ve got a grey skirt, top, scarf, vest, sweater, tights, leggings, shoes, oversized knit duster, and blazer, and I don’t think there’s any other color in my closet that is represented in that many ways.

So to grey, I say thank you.  For elevating my closet.  For jiving with my skin tone.  And for not starting catfights in my closet.

4 thoughts on “on my back, grey. gray? grey.

  1. If you watch a lot of HGTV like me, then you will notice that gray is also a very popular paint color for homes right now. From kitchens to dens to bathrooms to offices…its all about being neutral and decorating with a pop of color.

    I wear gray quite a bit because it is one of our alternate school colors, and pairs with maroon very well. In fact…I'm wearing a gray dress right now with a maroon cardi. : )

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