On My Back, DSW is awesome

Whittling your closet down to just a few basics for 4 months is sure to teach you a few things: what you actually wear most versus what you think you will, how you define your own personal style, new items that you want, but more importantly new items that you need.  
I decided that I needed shoes.  No, really, I did.  I mean, I do… I mean, I have it covered now.  I needed shoes that were versatile, ie, they are appropriate in professional, formal, and casual situations (read: they’ll go with a pencil skirt, a formal dress, and jeans) and neutral to go with many different color situations.  Now I realize that the shoes that I deem versatile will not be perfect in every situation, because, let’s be honest, it’s more fun to have that perfect pair of purple strappy stillettos that go with that slinky dress, but I can’t afford the space those would take up in my suitcase nor the $50 charge it would cost me when my bags were over 50 lbs… so a shoe that works with 50% of my outfits is better than the perfect shoe for one outfit.
I share all that with you only to explain my thought process behind my purchases… Anyway, my lovely family gave me many gift cards for Christmas, and combining them plus a $10 discount card I had $110 to spend at DSW… of course, full disclosure, I also spent an extra $50, but I think you’ll agree that it was warranted…
My most needed purchase: black pumps.  These were the most comfortable and the best price.  Black will go with all my black based outfits/dresses and the heel height is super flattering, but not too high to be unprofessional (because I’d be walking like a peg leg pirate) and high enough to be worn with formal wear.
A want that I turned into a need.  I have been seeing people wearing flesh-toned pumps with the exclamation “makes your legs look longer!”  That’s great, but I really like them because they go with virtually everything the black pumps won’t.  And, yes, this is almost the exact shade of my skin tone.  “Bone” according to “madden girl.”  Again, great comfort, great value, extremely versatile.
These may seem like less of a need, but the fact is I’ve been wearing the same slip-on Skechers for the past two years, it’s a wonder they still existed.  I needed shoes that would work in the gym (ha!  I mean, I’m going to go, promise.)  But still cute enough to wear in casual situations.  Perfect.
Ok, these were so not “needed” but I saw them on sale while I was there and I couldn’t resist.  A black tote to carry many things and a neutral satchel to carry just a few things.  Both by Poppie Jones in case you were wondering (by the way, I saw a bunch of Poppie accessories there, and I loved them ALL!)
Have you already spent all your Christmas gift cards?


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