At Sea: Rock a bye baby

I remember when I first arrived on the ship, and they first brought us to our room.  I just breathed a huge sigh of relief because we were in the same room, we had a double bed (not bunk beds), and the room was bigger than a closet (a closet, not necessarily your closet).

We soon realized, however, that our mattress left much to be desired.

But we still slept so well.  We slept hard.  We slept soundly.  We occasionally awoke at 5 AM hearing carts being rolled down the hall by the poor food service guys who have to start cooking at 5:30. But then we fell back asleep.  Hard.

That alarm was never welcome.

But one of the biggest things I looked forward to as our contract ended was a normal bed with an actual mattress (not just a 4 inch thick pad) and no work which would allow me to sleep in really late.

So it came as a surprise to me when initially I couldn’t sleep like I wanted to.  Couldn’t fall asleep.  Couldn’t stay asleep.  Woke up too early…

I just figured that I slept so well on the ship (in spite of the “mattress”) because I worked such long hours, and I was just exhausted.  But apparently that wasn’t the case.

Of course I was warned about this.

One of my friends on the ship (whose been working onboard for 6 years, hello!) was hanging out with me on my last night asking me what I was looking forward to, etc.  And once I mentioned sleep he said, “you know you’re going to have trouble sleeping at first”


“yeah, you’ll be so used to the motion of the ship, that you’ll have a hard time with the stillness.  Right now, the ship rocks you to sleep.”

No no no.  I’m so tired from 70 hour work weeks and 19 weeks with no days off… I’ll hit a real mattress and go all sleeping beauty.

Well, ya’ll.  He was right.  He was so freaking right…  first two days back home… could not sleep.  well, I slept, but not how I wanted to!  Of course, I’ve gotten over that now, and practically refuse to get out of the king size bed and perfect mattress here at The Guns’ parents’ house.  But still, it was hard at first.

So there you go insomniacs.  Buy a boat.


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