At Sea: favorite Hawaiian adventure

Hello friends!
I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of being that blogger who doesn’t blog, but says she’s going to blog, and keeps giving excuses about how she’s going to blog, but doesn’t blog, and then tries to make up for the fact that she doesn’t blog by not blogging… I don’t like being that blogger, so let’s just move on, shall we?
We shall.
One of the questions I got a few months ago was from JoAnn at Sidewalk Chic.  She asked what my favorite Hawaiian adventure was, and now that I’m done with my Hawaiian adventure (for now, anyway) I can easily tell you:
Riding scooters around Kauai.
Which I already mentioned, but I didn’t tell you much about it.  
First of all, riding scooters is hard.  They are heavy and difficult at first, but don’t worry we were good.  eventually.  I might have run into a bush. but maybe not.  You’ll never know.
I soo wish we could have taken tons of photos as we rode the scooters because that was definitely the best part.  Kauai is my favorite island (of the ones we visited anyway: Oahu, the big island, and Maui) because I think it’s the island that makes you realize why Hawaii is so special.  It looks prehistoric.  And there are so many different types of land.  We were riding our scooters out in rural areas, on a road through grassy fields all the time headed toward these slowly elevating mountains covered in what looks like moss, but I’m sure it isn’t… you can see every curve of the landscape, it’s just gorgeous, and then you get to a forest and rivers and huge waterfalls.  So beautiful.
But I have no photos of the landscape from the scooters… but I do have photos of waterfalls, which are also beautiful…
So this is The Guns and me at Kipu falls, a spot popular among locals:  They have a rope swing that people use to swing from that tree behind us into the lagoon below.  Apparently kids as young as 5 do back flips off the tree into the lagoon.  

 I’ve never been one to want to jump off tall things.  Just. not interested.

but we got there and there were these three women, one of which was my mother’s age or maybe older, and they said “you have to do it, it’s awesome” and “if we did it, you can do it.”  And, no offense mom, but if you’re gonna jump off a waterfall, I’m gonna do it too.
But I still wasn’t totally convinced.  
And then one of them said, “I’ll get a photo of you guys”
And if there’s one thing I can’t turn down it’s a good, once in a lifetime photo.
So we did it.  And here’s the proof.
 It was awesome.  The lagoon felt so warm once we hit the water, and it was great to swim in freshwater.    It made it worth the off road trek we had to take to get there (through mud and tall grasses on foot).  Plus we got the photo…
Kauai is known for its waterfalls and Hawaii in general is known for rainbows, and we got to see plenty on our Kauaian scooter adventure.
The Guns at Wailua Falls
Have you ever been to Hawaii?  What was your favorite island or adventure?

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