At Sea: missing most…

In case you can’t tell, I’m excited to return home and have some of the things you can’t have at sea and see the people I’m missing.

But I think it’s pretty obvious who I’ve been missing most… Bravo.

Yes, I know he’s a dog, but I miss him most.  Everyone else can talk on the phone with me, e-mail me, leave posts on my wall… Bravo can’t do any of that.

And if he could e-mail me, I’m pretty sure it would go something like this:

(put on your doggish, French-Mexican (Frexican!) accents)

Dear Krista (my former best friend),
You leave me.  True, you leave me with two very nice people who spoil me and have very big house and take me on rides in… how you say…. a boat… and do not put me in small cage at night.  Still. you leave me.

I cannot believe it.

Where are you and that guy who takes me on walks when you don’t want to?  Where is my purple blanket?

If I see you again I will still be mad.  Don’t be fooled by how excited I look.

Ok, I go eat now.

I tolerate you,


2 thoughts on “At Sea: missing most…

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