At Sea: New Skills

With this job I’ve learned a lot of new skills.  How to recite certain phrases over and over again and still smile even though I wish I had a voice recording.  How to laugh at the same jokes I hear every cruise (ah, yes, marion the librarian.  That’s from music man!  You’re so clever!)  how to diplomatically listen and respond to concerns that are brought to my attention, and yet many times I have no control over. 
But the most important:  how to play water volleyball.
Yes, my friends, I play water volleyball now.  I generally view playing sports as “public humiliation 101” but I can’t get around this because it’s part of my job.  A librarian’s work is never done, I guess. 
With so many days at sea we try to provide a variety of activities for guests, and one is water volleyball: guests versus crew.  The first time I played I was terrified, but I discovered that I’m actually a good server.
That’s about it though.
As far as getting it over the net when in a volley… well, I’m getting better at it, but those first few times it was pretty sad.  In my defense, we are playing in a pool that is not all one level, so when you are in the shallow end, it’s not too bad… but then when you rotate to the deep end it’s pretty difficult to have the height you need while you’re treading water.  And then when you add in the motion of the ocean, sometimes we’ve got a regular wave pool situation in there!
But yeah.  Dancing, water volleyball playing librarian in the Pacific.  That’s me.


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