At Sea: Librarians and their Friends

It’s time to talk about George.
Here in the library we also have several desks where guests can purchase and use internet time, and so working right alongside me is the internet manager, George.
George is from south India.  He calls it “south of India.”  He speaks excellent English, it’s just different English, so I like to take note of the non-traditional/non-American ways in which he says things.  I also find myself translating between him and some guests, because even though they speak the same language- well, it’s just different.  He says things like “more costlier” and “what I am to do?”  And he has a very Indian way of speaking: very straightforward and direct.  Like if there are two people named Bob and one has a big nose and the other doesn’t, he’ll say “big nose Bob” to refer to him.  We (some American crew members) have told him that in certain situations that would be very rude, so he has adjusted his speech.
George and I have become very close and protective of each other.  He’s like a big teddy bear and a big brother and I think he regards me as a little sister.  Whenever he hears about anyone disrespecting me, he gets very angry and protective and I feel the same for the reverse situation.  He loves The Guns.  He tells me “I didn’t know there are American guys like him,” which goes to show you how we are representing ourselves across the world.  He calls me “babes” or “sweets” and likes to treat us whenever he can.
As much as I miss our friends and family at home, I’m starting to think about the things I’ll miss here. 
I’ll miss George.


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