At Sea: Dancing

In the middle of November our cruise director decided to add an extra event on the last day of one of our Hawaiian cruises.  A dance competition.  For non-dancers.  Who would then team up with dancers.  Who would choreograph something for both of them to perform that would then be judged by a panel (including our captain) and the audience.
You see the resemblance right?
We called it Dancing on the High Seas.  And because everyone noticed that The Guns didn’t have the greatest moves on the dance floor (no offense, my love!), he was automatically a contestant.
I was thrilled that he picked me as his partner, while all the other duos teamed up with cast members from the shows here onboard.  There was a lot of trash talking going around leading up to the competition, but we decided that even if we weren’t the best, that we would be the cutest!
So we scrounged up some boots and cowboy hats and danced a country-line dance/Texas two-step inspired to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”  And we definitely impressed some people.
The show was actually really great, we filled the audience and it was a great variety with The Guns and I providing the country, another giving us a rendition to Tina Turner, another to “You’re the One that I want” followed by a combination swing and disco extravaganza provided by our cruise director.
We had tons of fun with it and the passengers loved it.  It was great for the Guns and me to work on something together creatively that also stretched him to do something that’s not his forte.  I owe him because I was kind of tough on him during the rehearsal process.  I told him he can teach me how to play golf sometime, because that’s sure to frustrate me. 
We did really well and the hard work paid off because we were definitely the cutest…


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